Brush Cherry Bonsai Tree Care Information

The success of your bonsai depends on a variety of factors, most notably watering and light. Below are some species specific guidelines to follow that will help ensure that your bonsai will stay healthy and happy.

Pruning Tips:
Prune back to one or two sets of leaves after branches are woody. For flowers, allow growth to extend unpruned until after flowering. When wire training, train the new shoots that are still green and flexible.

We recommend fertilizing your tree every month with a bonsai fertilizer. Time release granules are the easiest to use and can be added every season. Reduce the amount of fertilizer during the winter. Take care to not over-fertilize as this can cause your leaves to burn.

Place outside in full sun during the growing season. If placed indoors, find a well lit, cool position. During hot months, it is advised to place the tree beneath a shaded area to prevent burning of the leaves and roots.

Temperature Requirements:
Avoid cold weather. Overwinter the tree in colder climates or bring indoor.

Watering Requirements:
Eugenias require moderate watering. We recommend using a soft spray to soak the soil. They can be drought tolerant. However, ensure that water penetrates not only the topsoil but also into the roots by checking that draining is occurring on the bottom of the pot when watering.

You can repot in early spring, every 2-3 years, but this must be either a month before or after pruning to ensure that the plant sustains the least shock possible.

Indoor / Outdoor:
Eugenias can be placed in both indoor and outdoor environments. During the winter, we recommend bringing the tree indoors to protect against frost damage.