Deciduous Bonsai Trees

Deciduous trees are defined as trees that lose their leaves during the winter. This is a necessary requirement for the tree as it enters dormancy. Healthy Leaves will sprout back in the spring when the tree emerges from dormancy.

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  • Serissa Japonica Bonsai Tree Serissa Japonica

    Serissa Japonica

    Bonsai Tree Age: 3-5 Years Old
    Height: 5" - 8" Tall Potted
    Pot: 6" Ceramic Bonsai Pot
    Bonsai, which translates to "tree in a pot," originated from China and Japan. These small shrubs are much loved as bonsai for their tiny flowers that can range in color from white to pink and can bloom 2-3 times a year. The blooms are pink on the...
  • Bonsai - Fujian Tea Bonsai Tree <!-- Bonsai -->

    Shohin Flowering Tea Tree

    Bonsai Tree Age: 3-5 Years Old
    Height: 8" - 10" Tall Potted
    Pot: 5" Ceramic Bonsai Pot
    This Shohin Flowering Tea (Carmona) Tree bonsai features a thick trunk in a small form, giving a feeling of strength and stability. Tea tree blooms appear throughout the year, most prevalently during spring and early winter.Bonsai Specifications:- Bonsai...
  • Bonsai - Fujian Tea Bonsai Tree <!-- Bonsai -->

    Showcase Flowering Tea Tree (Fukien Tea)

    Bonsai Tree Age: 12 Years Old
    Height: 18" - 24" Tall Potted
    Pot: 12" Ceramic Bonsai Pot
    One of our largest bonsai trees from our nursery. This beautiful indoor tree also known as the Carmona or Fukien Tea Bonsai tree produces tiny white flowers and berries throughout the year if kept in the proper climate. Each flowering bonsai tree is...
  • Trident Maple Bonsai Tree

    Trident Maple Bonsai

    Bonsai Tree Age: 5-7 Years Old
    Height: 10" - 12" Tall Potted
    Pot: 8" Ceramic Bonsai Pot
    Japanese Trident Maple bonsai trees, or Acer Buergerianum, are highly prized as bonsai. Japanese Maple Bonsai trees are deciduous and will lose all of their leaves during winter. Bonsai Specifications:- Bonsai Tree Age: 5-7 Years Old- Height: 10" - 12"...
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