Moisture Meters

Take the guess work out of watering and maintaining your bonsai tree with these meters. Moisture meters help you determine when your bonsai tree may need a fresh watering.

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  • Sunkit Seed Starting System Sunkit Seed Starting System

    Sunkit Seed Starting System

    The SunKit Seed Starting System ensures successful propagation of seeds and cuttings by providing gentle warmth from the heat mat, and a dome with two adjustable vents for maintaining perfect humidity. This easy-to-use system includes everything you need...
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  • Soil pH Meter

    Soil pH Meter

    An easy tool to monitor your bonsai plant's soil pH level. Simply insert the attached reading stick a few inches to get an instant read. No messy tubes or strips to throw away after use. No batteries required. Checks which plants suit your soil pH...
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  • Moisture / Light Meter

    Moisture / Light Meter

    No more underwatering your bonsai or not giving it enough light. The moisture / light meter serves as a very useful tool for measuring two of the most important elements for healthy plants - light and water. Meter can easily be set to measure either...
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