Air Plant Care Information


Tillandsias, commonly referred to as air plants, are unique plants that can thrive without soil or a root structure. They are extremely easy to care for and adapt very well to new environments making them great for both indoor and outdoor.

Pruning Tips:
Tillandsias pups can be removed to start new offsets. Once tillandsias begin to outgrow the container, we recommend splitting them.

We recommend fertilizing your tillandsia if the leaves begin to turn yellow or color is off. We recommend a tillandsia or air plant fertilizer.

Tillandsias enjoy filtered sunlight and love air circulation and breezy locations.

Temperature Requirements:
Tillandsias are extremely tolerant of dry and hot conditions. They do not require a root system.

Watering Requirements:
We recommend watering your Tillandsias with bottled or filtered water on a daily basis simply by showering it briefly. The leaves of the Tillandsia plant will change to a green color to indicate proper hydration. If watering on a weekly basis, submerge the Tillandsia in water for up to an hour, then remove.

Tillandsias do not require planting to survive.

Indoor / Outdoor:
Tillandsias can thrive both indoor and outdoor with the appropriate lighting requirements.