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Our bird houses and feeders are sure to help you attract birds to your garden for bird viewing.

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  • Brown Radiance Bird Seed Feeder

    Brown Radiance Bird Seed Feeder

    This Radiance Bird Seed Feeder features a brushed copper finish on the metal top and ports. The feeder has a wide opening for easy filling and cleaning, the base is removable. Also features the Stay Full Port System™. This keeps food at every port, even...
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  • Brown Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeder

    Brown Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeder

    This bird feeder features two squirrel-resistant features. The roof is on a hinge, it tilts with the weight of a squirrel and closes both ports. The second feature is the two metal perches are spring-loaded to close both ports from the weight of a...
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  • Cute Cling Wood Bird Feeder

    Cute Cling Wood Bird Feeder

    This small wooden bird feeder was crafted with finches in mind. The mesh wraps all the way around, it's small enough to hold Nyjer (thistle) seed and allow finches to cling any way they would like or use the perch. The feeder has white-washed walls and...
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  • EcoBistro Bird Feeder

    EcoBistro Bird Feeder

    This gray EcoBistro Bird Feeder is stylish and eco-friendly, the roof is constructed of recycled materials and the base is durable easy to clean plastic resin. The suet baskets allow for feeding all seed types and suet cakes from one feeder. The feeder...
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  • Small Ecozebo Bird Feeder Green

    Small Ecozebo Bird Feeder Green

    The Small Ecozebo Bird Feeder in green features a classic gazebo style, ideal for feeding a variety of seed types. The roof and base of this feeder is constructed of 100% recycled materials, due to variations in recycled material each feeder will have...
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  • Vintage Songbird Seed Feeder

    Vintage Songbird Seed Feeder

    The Vintage Songbird Seed Feeder features an antique bottle complemented by a large pewter metal finish base for easy feeding. The small port inserts will convert the feeder to a Finch-only feeder. This feeder can be disassembled for easy cleaning and...
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