Browse our selection of other popular zen related plants including lucky bamboo, money trees, succulents, and assorted houseplants.

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  • Tri-Tone Yellow Grey Ceramic Planter

    Tri-Tone Yellow Grey Ceramic Planter

    This colorful tri-tone yellow, grey and white vase planter pairs well with a succulent for an easy to care for accent plant decoration. Planter measures 3.75"D x 3.5"H. Ceramic vase does not have a drainage hole. The minimal maintenance and...
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  • Lucky Bamboo Arrangement - Tiered Bamboo <!-- Lucky Bamboo --> Tiered Bamboo

    Tiered Bamboo

    Like bamboo found in the forests, these dracaena grow stronger in a bundle. Three towering layers of lucky bamboo, representing upward growth, provide an abundance of liveliness in your home or office. Lucky bamboo arrangement is composed of 4", 6" and...
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